Palomino Special Edition Pencils

New Palomino Special Edition Pencils

New Palomino Special Edition Pencils

Our collection of Palomino special edition pencils expands with the addition of Volumes 1 and 16.2.

The Blackwing Volume 1 is a tribute to legendary American songwriter Guy Clark and his perfectly imperfect style. Blackwing’s first round pencil, features a matte grey washcoat finish that lets the wood grain show through and a “blue collar” eraser that pays tribute to Guy’s favorite blue shirt he wore, and wrote about, proudly.

The Blackwing 16.2 is a tribute to mathematician, writer and visionary Ada Lovelace. The pencil features a matte white finish and matte black ferrule inspired by the simple styling of early personal computers. It features a firm graphite formulation ideal for both writing and mathematics. The number 16.2 is a nod to the Analytical Engine’s storage capacity of 16.2 kB (0.00005% the storage of the average smartphone) and the backside of each pencil bears a binary pattern stamp of Ada’s initials AAL, the same initials she used to sign her work.

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