Rohr Remedy 'Good Morning Sunshine' Gift Pack

 Good Morning Sunshine Gift Box Set Mothers Day Rohr Remedy

Rohr Remedy 'Good Morning Sunshine' Gift Pack

This beautiful body pack contains a full size of the honey myrtle body wash and the desert lime body moisturiser.

Rohr Remedy natural skin care created from Australian bush medicines and dermatological science, is effective, versatile and always luxurious. The Rohr Remedy range exclusively features Australian botanicals, native bush foods and bush medicines, as key ingredients and focus.

The range contains highly concentrated extracts, achieved using a patented technique, which keeps the whole of the nutrients of the plant material. This means the key actives are supported to prevent degradation and oxidization, and enables better absorption. The ingredients are sourced regionally either wild harvested through Indigenous traditional owners or from small specialist, passionate farmers. No fillers, so highly concentrated formulations, a little bit goes a long way. The plastics are BPA free, and Rohr use recycled cardboard for their packaging boxes.

Rohr Remedy is a proudly Cairns based Australian business.

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